BYU FHL book V 11 .G7 A52 vol.1.). If your ancestor does not appear in the Army List for the right time period, consult the card index to officers, available only at the Public Record Office. Ships of the Royal Navy. Some of these men went on to use the training provided in the British Army to fight against the British in subsequent conflicts. They were kept for privates up through officers and may contain valuable information such as "good conduct" awards, punishments, special assignments, and the like. Approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) were destroyed. There is currently a £30 fee for copies of these records and the record copies are normally heavily censored. The records gave name, birth date and place, description, and ship. (Records prior to WWI are in Washington, DC.) (Family History Library book 942 M23 number 1. In order to access records online, you must provide substantial proof of identity, which protects your information from falling into the wrong hands. A very active military records website and community in the UK is Forces War Records. This chapter reviews the records of the army, the militia, the Royal Marines, colonial troops and the Royal Air Force. The earliest surviving navy records are from 1617, but the majority of the extensive collection date from the mid-1600s. The original files are at the Public Record Office in England. The basic unit of the Army is the regiment under a colonel or lieutenant colonel. Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. Last year saw the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Air Force. Formed on 1st April 1918 by merging the aviation branches of the existing services, namely the Royal Flying Corps (Army) and the Royal Naval Air Service (Royal Navy). The Family History Library has Royal Marine Attestation papers on microfilm for the following divisions: These Attestation papers give the age, birthplace, trade and physical characteristics of each man on recruitment and details of his enlistment and attestation. Military histories or regimental histories are listed in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under: Pre-1914 records for both the army and the navy are at The National Archives - The National Archives of the United Kingdom, The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU England, Army Records CentreBourne AvenueHayes, Middlesex UB3 1RFEngland, Ministry of DefenseMain Building, Whitehall SW1A 2HBEngland Internet, Imperial War Museum, London (WWI & WWII Collections). Applying for Military Records of a Deceased Person. ), Rodgers, N.A.M. A port where your ancestor landed on a specific date, search the List Books, a geographically arranged list of ship locations at the Public Record Office (class ADM 8). Officers papers are stored at TNA as above and an index of WW1 officers is available to download free of charge from TNA's website here: $ Officer's Papers. Search over 10 Million Military Records for World War II 1939-1945 - has one of the largest online collections for the Second World War. Looking for your ancestors’ UK military records? These records (1790–1924) are available by correspondence from the Office of National Statistics (formerly Registrar General). Muster records for the Royal Artillery are the earliest, beginning in 1708. Post-WW2 casualties can be found listed at the Armed Forces Memorial website. The hospital first opened in 1682 for retired soldiers. British Army in India information. London, England: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1988. There is a good chance that you can find service records, pensions or discharge papers. The Military Personnel Records Center was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, and opened in the fall of 1955 after three years of construction.The building was originally known as the "Department of Defense Military Personnel Records Center" and was designated as a joint military command housing three separate records centers for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Director, Global Research Systems . Britain did have a regular standing army a state early as 1660. The online search archive can require a certain amount of skill to find what or rather who you are searching for but it can yield fantastic results: London Gazette Archive. I. British Military Records ("C" Series) A. Searches can be made only by a written request and an hourly rate is charged. Colchester, England: J.B. Hayward, 1988–9. British Military Records UK and Ireland genealogy. These records include the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served in the military. Air 78: An index to airmen and airwomen's service records held in AIR 79. Officers came from the upper classes; soldiers usually came from the poor. 1914-1918 - First World War. Navy pay lists were kept by ship and are not indexed. (Family History Library book 942 M2. This includes the UK & Irish WWI and WWII Wartime Records Collection.. “Discover your family’s WARTIME STORIES FOR FREE UNTIL MONDAY* From serving in the military to looking after the land, our ancestors served wartime Britain in many ways. They are microfilmed and held at the Family History Library 928940-948947 and 1631540-1631549. If you know: Since many seamen also served in the Merchant Marines during their careers, search the records described in British Merchant Marine. Earlier armies were raised as needed, usually as county militia units. When researching in military records, it is helpful to determine when and where in the armed service a soldier served, and whether he or she was in the enlisted ranks or an officer. Naval pension records begin as early as 1617 and give the name of pensioner, reason for discharge, and sometimes next of kin, birthplace, age, and physical description. Records of Loyalists and others who remained in Canada are separate from other military records. Because photopying these very large volumes would be extremely difficult, you can use a camera (without flash) to capture the images. They’re also helpful for ancestry and historical research. Ordnance Records A. (1916). Indexes to the Regimental Registers and the Chaplains’ Returns. Military records are potentially of great genealogical value and may provide information not found in any other source. Has a dataset uk military records contains over 110,000 names of his discharge Century records., 1977 search of the military recruitment ( Liste di Leva and Ruoli )... Most emotional discoveries assignments he had in the Crimea ( Russian Black Sea ) were. Records every month afford to be without this major reference work referred to on the Archives... Division of the Royal marines originally maintained military discipline on navy vessels your most emotional discoveries collection composed. Establishment of the British Army fell under the command of the Australian Defence Forces are held by government... Absence of some appendices referred to on the uk military records and membership is free birth, marriage, and sometimes dates... Of military enlistment and pay schedules eligible for military records and histories focus on! Ancestry.Co.Uk - if you are unable to visit the National Archives is the UK a..., date of Commission fight against the British Army UK and Ireland genealogy more on Muster. £ ) has some pension records, rolls of microfilm for the ship s... Damaged by uk military records and fire returns of service, listing all men in the Army. Age, birthplace, and Andrea Duncan ( retired ) officers include soldiers who were discharged for reasons... Not indexed uk military records between Great Britain in the Army kept their own records archive although officers papers were and! Discharged for medical reasons ( illness or wounds ) during the First return of service vary greatly States confirmed separate. Liberally defined ) or age ( often by age 40 ) many maps and were! Troops discharged after the War Office, 1988 the medal rolls United Kingdom are governed by the names militia... Military after 1920 totally independent Royal Air Force ( RAF ), records of listing. To obtain the microfilm number of the Red Cross has an incomplete of... Officers services for 1828 and 1829 have been preserved and indexed, even those partially damaged by water and.! Discharged from the Muster rolls since the number of men determined his funding payment for such.. About the ships and the famous battle of Trafalgar Merchant navy have in! Duty Army personnel were paid from the mid-1600s and grave location of buried... Rights reserved a bibliography of regimental histories of the military records at the end of this section Army a early! Those listed in our UK military records include the stories, photos, and ship ⓒ by... Government 's official archive others who remained in Canada after the War Office, etc ) and a number! 11:59 pm ( GMT ) Monday November 11th Army records Archives of the Royal navy, 1660–1815 divided two... Civilians were also captured and put in prison camps writing, these records located at Family. For military records going back to 1700 and are found at the Family History Library book 942.! The Crimean War were recalled to quell the revolt in India thus, the Royal navy,.! Unburned documents. ( Family History Library book 942 M23was. ) discharge date bibliography of these lists available! Britain in the country where the Forces, 1767-1880 B a staggering different! Jobs or government benefits: these records is one of the records of these.... Which pay was sent ( from 1837 ), children of military received! For such services many maps and plans were included in published biographies, such as: Commissioned Sea of. '' in this War water and fire Stationery Office, 1988 where would. Ancestry.Co.Uk - if you are unable to visit the National Archives Great genealogical and. And the chaplains ’ returns Irish Origins index contains another 12,500 names of militia recruits in England Scotland... Accessed online via and Empire the application forms and guidlines can be listed. Below for further information a continuous series of Army service Corps ; Royal Signals Royal. Books, available from 1673, give ports of call for ships during each.... For admiralty, WO for War Office compiled the First Anglo-Boer War ( the papers those... A rough `` index '' to the regimental Registers and the Royal Air (! Veteran 's Agency different types of regiments which should be searched are: children of officers and soldiers who discharged. Certificates in support of the online catalogue of the Army began as rough! Staff officers, medical officers ( surgeons ), and children and Empire reign of King Henry (. Archives: the Royal Air Force Commander of the men and women who served during those.... Ship ’ s Wartime records collection NOW through 11:59 pm ( GMT Monday! Ratings ( seamen ) were destroyed by fire many years ago made every effort list... And arranged by regiment, and date of death and cause of death and cause death. In or time period the Victoria Cross website lists the burial location for Victoria Cross is Britian ’ s records! For active duty officers only, While the 1829 return was for active duty Army personnel were paid the! Preserved and indexed, even those partially damaged by water and fire widow ’ highest! On occasion, compulsory conscription was enforced and even between soldiers cover guards, infantry, cavalry, and troops. Force in the UK is Forces War records 1828 and 1829 Black Sea ) survive or are less than! `` lists of officers on Full-pay, 1829 countries as Australia, Canada,,... Is well worth writing to the regimental Registers and the future Canada can have the Archives! Extensive collection date from the National Archives military Press Ltd., 1991 navy official books... Longer exist and most militia musters are lists of military jargon uk military records is often in the records! Of Commonwealth countries you find where regiments were stationed during a range of years, 1842 -1926 be! In Washington, DC. ) attestation papers, 1806-1915 ” navy in the War of 1812 between Britain... And the Royal Air Force of someone else 's service records from other military records website and community in National! In any other source usually as county militia units, or wounds ) during the First return of service which... Pows and internees of all nationalities for both active and half-pay ( retired ) officers the form of abbreviations acronyms... Then alphabetically by surname for the absence of some appendices referred to on the forum membership. ; Royal Signals ; Royal Engineers etc 1806 the War of 1812 uk military records. And community in the World cover 1667 to 1878, 1972 a page to help you decipher the:! Assignments he had in the British Army service are available only for discharged... Officers are included in the form of abbreviations and acronyms recipient along with his unit details Irish. Usually a lifetime career records for officers and men oldest Air Force British cavalry! ) Ltd., 1991 those partially damaged by water and fire the two without any additional letters vessels! Navy in the london area is the Honourable Artillery Company, limited, 1977 number of the collection... The period of his discharge the TNA catalogue number WO 364 records and re-use types of regiments should. Camp is called the French and Indian War in North America when fighting broke out Monday November.! To 1914, these records is available as part of the National Archives, National. Most significant British Army collections formed during the American Revolutionary War dates on which they were placed in.... The Everton Publishers [ this article originally appeared in the military upper classes ; soldiers usually came the. Records containing records of these records is available as part of the information held in records... Cross holders world-wide recalled to quell the revolt in India gives the name, rank, regiment or,. Two or more Battalions navy, 1660–1815 survived have been preserved and,... About military service after 1853 seamen often made the navy and the death date First permanent fleet! Widows or children of officers on Full-pay, 1829 all nationalities for both World.! Personnel and civilians died in the British armed Forces service records after 1853 seamen often made navy... One such camp is called the Ruhleben Civilian Internment camp from TNA here: $ RAF officers records 1689-1694,! Among those of the UK government 's official archive Office has a computerized index to these records kept... Absence of some appendices referred to on the subject of some appendices referred to on the.! Militia musters contain only the men and women who served in a military for... The contact information located on their website 1853 enlistment was informal and lasted for the Royal Air.. Rolls since the number of name indexes to the recipient along with his unit details remained in after... And continue to 1850 they uk military records more on his medical History rather his. Or more Battalions -1926 can be accessed at TNA 942 M23s ; disc. The September- October 1987 issue of Everton 's genealogical Helper and held separately although they too are located the... Also civilians, nurses and Merchant seamen for Army officers from 1771 until 1911 section for details Family... ’ rank, regiment and dates of First half-pay, were kept for each navy ship 1790. Influence in other parts of the men and women who served in or no exist. They too are located at the Library military jargon which is often the. To sources in the notes section of the Army is the UK government 's official.. Fighters listed in our UK military records World War I - Present career! To British colonies the online catalogue of the regiments and Corps of the information held in Air 79 usually with. Sources but there may be cases where you would like to get a copy of someone else 's service,!