Estolad was created and managed by a popular Mathematician and Computer Scientist – A man with a dominant passion in the area of Mathematics and Technology. In addition to his outstanding educational and extensive professional experience, his style of teaching has proved to be the secret behind every success. In no time, what was started as a one man’s endeavor has grown to include many other talented teachers who are similarly equipped with discipline and genuine styles.


Estolad is Mobile – We take our services to wherever our customers are. And for many years, every home and offices visited – either for mathematics or computer related services, the focus has always been to create an everlasting positive impression. Basically, we are out to make sure that every mathematical student that we deal with has more confidence in his/her ability to analyze and resolve problems; AND to make sure we supersede every customer’s expectation when it comes to every computer related services that we are entrusted with.

The focus of this team is not just about the financial aspect, we strongly understand that the mathematical future of every child that is entrusted with us relies on our ability to make a difference. With this in mind, and the fact that every child has a different learning aptitude, we always design a special curriculum for each child according to his/her needs.

Similarly, our computer training process demands a thorough evaluation on individual. And from the evaluation result, we’ll suggest a designated and reasonable path for every technology knowledge seeker. From basic to intermediate and to advance, every step would be delivered diligently.

In addition, our regular computer services are excellent. We always pursue every solution with the intent to “WoW” (utmost satisfaction) our customers - be it hardware, operating system, software, network, printers and so on. After all, we are so much aware that making our customers satisfied and happy always lead to a positive recommendation to other prospectus customers.

You deserve more than your money worth and we promise you ten times more – period!!!